PTI Chief Asks Lawyers to Thwart Attempts to Divide Judiciary

Wed Mar 29 2023
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LAHORE: Former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan has asked lawyers to be united for thwarting attempts to divide country’s judiciary.

While addressing PTI workers and supporters via a video link, Khan appealed to the legal fraternity to attend the lawyers’ convention being organised by the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA). He alleged that attempts were being made to divide country’s judiciary.

Khan said that the time has come to choose the right path. He held if the government manhandled Barrister Hassaan Khan Niazi then it could have happened to anyone else. Imran Khan said that the rulers are increasing hatred among the people by threatening everyone resisting their wrongdoings. He reiterated that free and fair elections are the only solution to end the ongoing crisis in the country.

“PTI’s social media activists being abducted”

PTI Chief Imran Khan alleged that the party’s social media activists were being abducted from homes. He criticised that not a single democratic country would choose torturing political rivals.

He alleged that the relatives of political activists were being taken into custody when police officials fail to apprehend the political workers. He said that social media users work independently and hardly anyone can control them.

The PTI chairman said that the government has failed to get any relaxation from the International Monetary Fund to get the next tranche of loan. He said that a new wave of inflation will hit the country if the government manages to sign IMF agreement on tough conditions. He appealed to the nations to raise their voices against the incumbent government which, he said, failed to provide relief and resolve their issues

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