PTI Ideological Workers Reject Intra-Party Election

Sat Dec 02 2023
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PESHAWAR: The ideological workers of Pakistan Tahrik e Insaf (PTI) Peshawar chapter staged a protest here Saturday while rejecting the procedure and results of the intra-party election held in the country.

They were holding placards and banners inscribed with different slogans against election results at Kabotar Chowk on Dalazak Road, Peshawar.

PTI Workers Term the Process as Mere Selection

The protesters were of the view that it was just a mere selection instead of a proper election where the ideological workers of the party had been deprived of their basic right to cast votes.

They further said that the process lacked a legal procedure and demanded that the Election Commission of Pakistan take immediate notice of it.

Earlier, Barrister Gohar Khan was elected unopposed as the new Chairman of PTI. In his message, Gohar Khan said that he was a representative of former Chairman PTI and that he would work for the supremacy of democracy in Pakistan.

It is worth noting that Gohar Khan contested the 2008 election from Pakistan People Party (PPP) in Buner District; however, he was not succeeded in the election.

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