PTI’s Humayun Akhter Khan Joins IPP

Sat Dec 16 2023
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LAHORE: Former federal minister and business tycoon Humayun Akhter Khan officially announced his departure from the PTI and joined the Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party (IPP) as the Senior Vice President.

In a press conference alongside IPP Chairman Jahangir Khan Tareen and President Abdul Aleem Khan, Humayun Akhter expressed his decision to leave his former political party, citing difficulties in working with them following the May 9 incidents where military installations and martyrs’ mausoleums were desecrated.

As the son of the late army general Akhter Abdur Rehman, Humayun Akhter Khan emphasized his deep connection with military installations and mausoleums and stated that he distanced himself from his former party after the unfortunate events.

Regarding his electoral constituency, Humayun Akhter mentioned that the decision would be made after consultation with the IPP chairman. He expressed his commitment to working towards improving the conditions of the common man and emphasized the need for decisive actions to lead Pakistan towards prosperity.

Highlighting Pakistan’s economic history, Humayun Akhter stated that the country was economically superior to India a few decades ago, and concerted efforts were required to address the current economic challenges.

Tareen Welcomes Humayun Akhter Khan in IPP

IPP Chairman Jahangir Khan Tareen welcomed Humayun Akhter Khan to the party, appointing him as the Senior Vice President, expressing optimism that his inclusion would further strengthen the party. Tareen mentioned the importance of dialogue in the political process and shared that he had constructive discussions with the PML-N leadership.

IPP President Abdul Aleem Khan clarified that the party had not yet reached an election alliance with PML-N but was in talks with their leadership. He portrayed IPP as a beacon of hope for the youth, aiming to improve their circumstances.

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