Iranian President Accuses West of Supporting Genocide in Gaza During Talks with Putin

Fri Dec 08 2023
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MOSCOW: Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi leveled accusations against the West, particularly the United States, asserting their support for “genocide” carried out by Israel in Gaza.

The remarks came during talks in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin, part of a series of discussions focusing on Middle Eastern affairs.

In the Kremlin meeting, neither leader explicitly addressed the growing military cooperation between Iran and Russia, a matter of concern for the United States. The US contends that Iran is supplying weapons to Russia for potential use against Ukraine, an assertion that both Iran and Russia have not explicitly acknowledged.

Putin emphasized the significance of discussing the Middle East situation, with particular attention to the Palestinian territories. Raisi, responding through a translator, characterized the events in Palestine and Gaza as “genocide” and a “crime against humanity.” Notably, he expressed disappointment that such actions were allegedly supported by the United States and Western nations.

Iran has a longstanding alignment with the Palestinian group Hamas, the governing authority in Gaza, in its conflict with Israel. Russia, on the other hand, maintains diplomatic relations with key players in the region, including both Hamas and Israel. The hosting of a Hamas delegation in Moscow in October stirred tensions with Israel.

Analysts speculate that the ongoing conflict in the Middle East serves Russia’s interests by diverting global attention from the Ukraine war. Additionally, it allows Moscow to align itself with developing nations expressing solidarity with the Palestinian cause. The accusations made by President Raisi contribute to the complex geopolitical dynamics in the region.

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