Putin Rejects US Accusations, Opposes Putting Nuclear Weapons in Space

Tue Feb 20 2024
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MOSCOW: Russian President Vladimir Putin has categorically dismissed accusations from the United States regarding Moscow’s alleged development of a space-based anti-satellite weapon. Putin stated on Tuesday that Russia firmly opposes the deployment of nuclear weapons in space, labeling the US claims as part of a broader narrative of “clamor being raised in the West.”

The remarks came during a meeting with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, where Putin emphasized Russia’s longstanding stance against placing nuclear weapons beyond Earth’s atmosphere. Shoigu echoed Putin’s sentiment, stating that Russia does not possess the system Washington has accused it of developing.

Despite Russia’s repeated offers to enhance joint cooperation in the space sphere, Putin lamented the lack of engagement from Western counterparts on the matter. The statement underscores Russia’s commitment to peaceful collaboration in space exploration and its disavowal of militarizing outer space.

US Accuses Russia of Deploying Nuclear Weapons in Space

The US raised concerns last week over Russia’s purported development of a space-based anti-satellite weapon, while affirming that it posed no immediate threat to Earth’s inhabitants. However, Putin’s remarks sought to dispel any notions of Russia pursuing such capabilities.

The ongoing Ukraine offensive and subsequent Western sanctions have significantly impacted Moscow’s space sector, disrupting longstanding cooperation in space endeavors. Despite the challenges, Putin reiterated Russia’s commitment to international cooperation in space exploration, emphasizing the need for constructive engagement among nations.


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