Putin Says Advanced Weapons Crucial for Russian Victory in Ukraine

Wed May 15 2024
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MOSCOW: Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that more powerful and advanced weapons could hasten victory for his Russian forces fighting in Ukraine.
Putin said during a meeting with military leaders. Speaking to Russia’s military officials, including new Defence Minister Andrei Belousov, Putin praised recent advancements on the battlefield, noting that Russia’s army was making progress on all fronts. He urged for the intensification and modernization of arms production within the country to maintain a competitive edge.
Putin emphasized the importance of staying ahead in mastering the latest means of armed combat. He maintained that those who are quicker to adopt advanced weaponry tend to prevail. He stressed the need to redouble efforts in this area, despite acknowledging the progress made thus far.
The meeting marked Putin’s first public engagement with Belousov, who assumed the position following a surprise shake-up in Russia’s military leadership. Sergei Shoigu, the former Defence Minister who now serves as Security Council chief, was also present at the gathering, alongside army generals and officials responsible for arms production and industry.
Putin has consistently highlighted the necessity of outpacing Ukraine in terms of weapons production, viewing Russia’s military superiority as crucial to achieving victory in the conflict. He emphasized that while significant strides have been made, further advancements in the defense production sector are imperative.
According to Putin, the deployment of more advanced weapons not only brings victory closer but also minimizes Russian casualties.
Russia’s troops initiated a major ground assault on Ukraine’s northeastern Kharkiv region recently, aiming to expand the front line to capitalize on manpower and ammunition advantages.

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