Putin Urges “Severe” Response Against Foreign Meddling in Russia’s Affairs

Wed Dec 20 2023
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MOSCOW: Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a call on Wednesday for a robust and “severe” response to foreign entities allegedly involved in destabilizing Russia by providing support to Ukraine.

In a video address, Putin accused the Kyiv regime, with the direct backing of foreign special services, of resorting to “terrorist methods” amounting to “practically state terrorism.”

The Russian president pointed to what he described as “acts of sabotage against civilian sites, transport, and energy infrastructure, as well as attacks against civilians and representatives of authority” orchestrated by the Ukrainian government with foreign support.

Russia Accuses Ukraine of Sabotage Attacks

Reports of several sabotages on Russian railroads and drone attacks, attributed to Ukraine, have surfaced since Moscow initiated its military offensive in Ukraine in February 2022.

During his address on the occasion of security agency workers’ day, Putin emphasized the need to put a stop to the alleged attempts by foreign agents to destabilize Russia. He acknowledged the challenging task faced by security services but expressed confidence in their ability to safeguard the state, society, and citizens.

“Security services have no easy task. But you have all the necessary potential, all the possibilities to ensure the security of the state, of society, and our citizens,” Putin stated.

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