Qatar Criticizes Western Silence on Israel’s Brutal Bombardment of Gaza

Tue Nov 14 2023
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DOHA: In a scathing rebuke, Qatar’s Minister for International Cooperation, Lolwah Alkhater, has condemned the lack of response from the Western world to the ongoing brutal and barbaric Israeli bombardment of Gaza.

Taking to social media, the Qatar’s minister expressed deep concern over the apparent indifference of West to the humanitarian crisis unfolding in the besieged Palestinian enclave.

The minister highlighted the stark contrast in the global reaction to crises, particularly pointing out the urgency and international engagement witnessed during the Afghan evacuation compared to the relatively muted response to the Gaza conflict.

Qatar’s Minister Denounces West’s Double Standards

Taking to social media platform X, formerly Twitter, Lolwah Alkhater shared her frustration, stating, “For months, my colleagues and I were receiving tens of calls every day from officials, parliamentarians, congressional members, athletes, artists, trade unions, from every continent asking us to save lives!” She underscored the considerable efforts made during the Afghan evacuation, even recalling the challenge of convincing a group in the US that evacuating dogs was unnecessary due to the Taliban’s cultural practices.

Expressing disbelief at the apparent lack of empathy, Alkhater questioned the Western world’s commitment to principles, women’s rights, and, most importantly, basic humanity. She queried, “How do you justify this to yourselves?” and raised concerns over the justification for targeting hospitals in Gaza.



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