Qatar Urges Immediate Agreement on Hostage Release as Gaza Crisis Worsens

Tue Nov 14 2023
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DOHA: Qatar on Tuesday called on both Israel and Hamas to immediately reach an agreement on the release of hostages, expressing deep concern over the deteriorating situation in Gaza amid Israeli brutalities and aggression against innocent Palestinians.

Speaking to a news conference in Doha, the Qatari foreign ministry spokesman, Majed bin Mohammed Al-Ansari, emphasized the urgency of mediation efforts to alleviate the crisis.

Al-Ansari stated, “We believe there is no other chance for both parties other than for this mediation to take place and to reach a situation where we can see a glimmer of hope in this terrible crisis.” Qatar has been actively leading negotiations for both the release of hostages and a temporary ceasefire amid Israel’s brutal bombardment campaign in Gaza Strip.

More than 11,000 Palestinians, majority of whom were children and women, have been martyred so far in the ongoing Israelis bombardment and ground invasion of Gaza.

Hamas recently stated that Israel proposed the release of 100 hostages in exchange for 200 Palestinian children and 75 women held in Israeli prisons. Hamas’s spokesperson, Abu Obeida, mentioned that up to 70 hostages could be released if a five-day truce and aid passage throughout Gaza were secured. However, he accused Israel of delaying the process.

Al-Ansari refrained from commenting on specific negotiation details but expressed hope for further releases as Qatar continues to mediate between Hamas and Israel.

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