Rawalpindi Police Ensure Robust Security Measures for New Year Celebrations

Sun Dec 31 2023
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RAWALPINDI:   As the clock ticks down to usher in the New Year, Rawalpindi Police have orchestrated a meticulous security plan to ensure the safety and well-being of residents and visitors alike. A significant force of over 6600 officers, comprising both Rawalpindi Police and Traffic Police personnel, will be strategically positioned across key areas, intensifying their efforts to uphold law and order during the festive period.

The deployment includes more than 263 traffic police officers dedicated to the seamless management of traffic flow, facilitating the movement of celebratory crowds and vehicles. With New Year’s celebrations often drawing tourists to scenic destinations like Murree, Rawalpindi Police have proactively crafted separate arrangements. Over 350 officers have been assigned specific duties to enhance the convenience and protection of tourists, ensuring a positive and secure experience for those visiting the popular hill station.

In anticipation of potential challenges during the celebrations, 57 special pickets will be strategically placed throughout the city to act as a deterrent against vandalism and aerial firing. Rawalpindi Police have taken a zero-tolerance approach to activities that may jeopardize public safety, such as aerial firing, fireworks, and one-wheeling. Stringent legal actions will be initiated against individuals engaging in such practices to safeguard the lives and property of citizens.

To fortify their presence and responsiveness, various specialized units, including Dolphin Force, Guard Squad, Quick Response Force (QRF), and police station mobiles, will be deployed for enhanced patrolling. This multi-layered approach aims to deter any untoward incidents and swiftly respond to emerging situations.

Recognizing the diverse community landscape, Rawalpindi Police have also allocated specific duties to oversee the worship activities of the Christian community. This ensures that security measures are tailored to address the unique needs of different segments of the population.

The spokesperson for Rawalpindi Police reiterated their unwavering commitment to utilizing all available resources to safeguard lives and property. This comprehensive security plan underscores the proactive and community-oriented approach of Rawalpindi Police, reflecting their dedication to maintaining public safety and fostering a positive environment during the New Year celebrations.

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