Red Cross Condemns Israel’s Destruction of Gaza

Fri Oct 13 2023
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GENEVA: The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on Friday strongly condemned Israeli airstrikes and stated that Israel cannot justify the “limitless destruction” being inflicted upon the Gaza Strip.

The ICRC called for immediate humanitarian pauses in the Israeli airstrikes, emphasizing the need to respect international humanitarian law and protect the rights of civilians caught in the conflict.

The ICRC firmly stated that the attacks Israel suffered cannot, under any circumstances, justify the excessive destruction witnessed in Gaza. The organization highlighted that Israel must adhere to its legal obligations regarding the methods and means used in warfare. The ongoing Israeli siege of Gaza, along with the order for Gaza City residents to leave their homes and the denial of basic necessities like food, water, and electricity, were deemed incompatible with international humanitarian law.

“When military powers order people to leave their homes, all possible measures must be taken to ensure the population has access to basic necessities like food and water and that families are not separated,” emphasized the ICRC.

Nowhere Safe for Gaza Residents

Furthermore, the ICRC emphasized that Gaza residents had “nowhere safe to go” and faced uncertainty about which areas might be targeted next by Israeli forces. Many were unable to leave their homes, and international law protected all civilians, including those who chose to remain, the organization stressed.

The ICRC stressed the staggering humanitarian needs in Gaza but pointed out that due to the ongoing military siege, humanitarian organizations were unable to assist with such a massive displacement of people in the region.

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