Reham Khan Denies Social Media Rumors About Divorce from Mirza Bilal

Fri Nov 17 2023
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ISLAMABAD: Amidst swirling rumors on social media platforms, British-Pakistani journalist and former wife of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan, Reham Khan, has vehemently dismissed speculations regarding her purported divorce from her current husband, Mirza Bilal.

The denial came in response to a tweet that gained traction, suggesting that Reham Khan and her third husband, Mirza Bilal, had decided to part ways. In a viral Instagram video featuring both Reham and Bilal, the couple addressed the rumors, expressing their displeasure with the invasive nature of such conjectures.

In the video, Reham Khan asserted, “It is no one’s business if I get married 12 times or get divorced 12 times.” She emphasized that their marital status was a private matter and not subject to public scrutiny. Clearly frustrated with the persistent rumors, she urged those spreading such information to redirect their energy elsewhere, emphasizing that her personal life was off-limits.

Reham Khan Denounces Intrusion into Personal Life

Taking a stance against the unfounded gossip, Reham Khan suggested that the same attention devoted to spreading rumors about her could be better utilized for personal growth, careers, family matters, or other positive endeavors. She asserted that such unwarranted speculation had no place in her already demanding personal life.

Addressing the source of the rumors, Reham Khan conveyed that she was well aware of who was behind the dissemination of false information but opted not to give it undue importance. Her husband, Mirza Bilal, joined in, underlining that the rumors, allegedly propagated by a ‘specific political party,’ were baseless and intended to defame his wife.

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