Reimposing Imran would be disastrous for Pakistan’s institutions: PM Shehbaz

Thu Oct 06 2022
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Islamabad: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said that Imran Khan has conspired against the state of Pakistan and it will be catastrophic for all the basic institutions of the country if Mr Khan would have been reimposed on top slot of the country.

Addressing a press conference here in Islamabad on Thursday evening, the Premier criticized Imran Khan and his tenure and added that If PDM (Pakistan Democratic Movement) and the then opposition didn’t come forward to step out Imran khan from the slot, it would have caused irreparable loss to the country.  

The Prime Minister was accompanied by federal ministers Marriyum Aurangzeb, Attaullah tarar, and Ahsan Iqbal.

During his presser the premier called Imran Khan as “fraudster’’ and the “biggest liar in Pakistan’s history”.

“I just want to tell you what happened that day. Before the voting (No Confidence Vote), the information minister at that time (Fawad Chaudhry) stood up and read a statement saying that a conspiracy was devised against the government […] its links were with a foreign power and the opposition has brought this motion”, He said.

“Subsequently, Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri read a written statement in which he rejected the no-confidence motion on the basis of the conspiracy story […] without asking us,” Shehbaz said.

Within no time, he went on, Imran Khan came on television and announced the dissolution of NA. “Twenty minutes later, the president approved the summary.”

“This was the basis of the conspiracy that Imran has been playing along with for the past five months and wasting the nation’s time, PM Shehbaz said. “Due to this game, Pakistan’s relations with the biggest powers of the world have been compromised.”

He recalled that “baseless allegations” were leveled at several government leaders during this time. “You can say whatever you want, but calling someone a traitor […] there is no bigger conspiracy than it.

“On the floor of the NA, I said that if God forbid this conspiracy was proved against me or the coalition, then the nation has the right to hang me.”

But today, Shehbaz contended that links of the so-called conspiracy were connected to Imran and there was solid evidence of it.

Referring to the recently-surfaced audio recordings purportedly featuring Imran and his former federal ministers, the prime minister said that the leaks had revealed Imran’s truth but also clarified that the government had nothing to do with them.

“He can be heard saying that this is a game […] they can be heard saying that minutes of the meeting should be made according to their wish.

“The nation’s trust was played with. The country’s honor was sabotaged in such a manner that no such example is found in history […] this is nothing less than treason,” Shehbaz said, claiming that Imran played a “serious game with the country.

“Tell me, is there any doubt after this that who was behind the conspiracy?”

The prime minister said that he was “here today to sensitize the nation” against the “biggest liar in the country”, alleging that Imran could sacrifice the country for his personal benefits.

Shehbaz said that two days after the PMO audio leaks, an ambassador from a friendly country came to meet him at the Prime Minister’s Office. “I had some discussion with him after which he highlighted that now no one would feel safe talking at the PMO.”

In response to a question, the premier said that the cipher —which former prime minister Imran Khan claims contains details of a foreign conspiracy to oust him from power — can’t be decoded by the government.

“If it is, then all the cables from all embassies can be leaked or stolen,” he reasoned.

Shehbaz reiterated that the prime minister’s copy of the cipher, also referred to as the master copy, had been missing. “Imran himself doesn’t know where it is.

“But his audio leaks have proven that there were four people behind the so-called conspiracy. What other evidence do you need,” he demanded.

The PM also revealed that the cabinet had decided to probe the audio leaks, adding that an investigation into them had already begun. “We will tell the nation [the findings] with complete transparency.”

Responding to a question about the recent debate on appointment/extension of Army Chief, the Prime Minster responded that no one should be worried as the said appointments are mentioned in the constitution and will be carried out accordingly.

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