Repatriation of Illegal Afghan Refugees Continues

Mon Nov 20 2023
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ISLAMABAD: In the wake of the Pakistani government’s robust crackdown on illegal foreigners, repatriation of illegal Afghan refugees continues smoothly.

A considerable exodus is being witnessed, particularly among Afghan nationals. This initiative gained momentum post the October 31 deadline for illegal residents to voluntarily return to their home countries.

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The latest significant departure occurred on November 19, as a total of 2,062 Afghan citizens, representing a diverse demographic spectrum including men, women, and children, chose to return to Afghanistan.

The efficiency of the repatriation process highlights the government’s dedication to enforcing immigration regulations and ensuring national security. The coordinated efforts aim to address challenges associated with undocumented residency, aligning with broader objectives of immigration control and security enhancement. This sustained success reflects a positive stride in managing and regulating the presence of illegal foreigners within the country.

The cumulative figures emphasize the crackdown’s effectiveness, with a total of 237,883 individuals, predominantly Afghan refugees, having returned to their homeland since the initiation of the government’s stringent measures. This development underscores the administration’s commitment to establishing comprehensive immigration control while mitigating potential risks associated with illegal residency.

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