Road-users Asked to Drive Carefully During Foggy Season

Fri Dec 22 2023
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ISLAMABAD: On Friday, the traffic police and Motorways Police expanded their awareness campaigns, urging motorists to exercise caution, particularly during night hours and in the morning when fog tends to form, to prevent accidents.

A spokesperson from the National Highway & Motorway Police (NHMP), in an interview with a private news channel, advised travelers and tourists to minimize unnecessary mobility and emphasized the importance of keeping fog lights on throughout their journey on highways and motorways.

The spokesperson elaborated on the adverse impact of thick fog on road traffic in various cities of Punjab and KPK, highlighting the repeated appeals made through media platforms, urging people to stay at home and avoid non-essential travel.

Additionally, he noted that the closure of the Motorway had resulted in increased traffic congestion within cities.

To address these challenges, the spokesperson directed traffic officers to use reflectors and flasher lights as indicators to guide drivers safely through challenging weather conditions.

“Avoid overtaking other cars when there is fog because it becomes difficult to judge the distance,” he added.

He emphasized that drivers should heed the awareness messages the police share on social media to mitigate the risk of accidents in challenging weather conditions. —APP

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