Russia But Not Putin Invited to French D-Day Anniversary Event

Tue Apr 16 2024
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PARIS: Organizers said Tuesday that Russia but not President Vladimir Putin will be invited to the French ceremony in June to mark 80 years since the D-Day landings during World War II.

The Liberation Mission organizing committee clarified on Tuesday that due to Russia’s “war of aggression” in Ukraine, President Putin would not be included in the list of invitees. However, Russia as a nation will still receive an invitation to the event.

The decision to exclude Putin reflects the strained relations between Russia and Western nations, particularly in the wake of Russia’s military actions in Ukraine. The Liberation Mission committee emphasized that while President Putin will not be present, Russia’s participation in honoring the commitment and sacrifices of the Soviet peoples during World War II, as well as its contribution to the Allied victory in 1945, will be acknowledged.


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