Russia Says US Aid for Ukraine Won’t Change Military Situation

Thu Apr 18 2024
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MOSCOW: Russia said on Thursday that the latest US aid for Ukraine will not change the dynamics on the battlefield, as Washington prepares for a crucial weekend vote on long-pending military funding for Kyiv.

US House Speaker Mike Johnson announced plans on Wednesday to push forward a $61 billion package of funding for Ukraine, which had been stalled due to political discord within the Republican Party.

Despite facing months of struggle against better-equipped Russian forces and a shortage of Western military assistance, Ukraine’s battle prospects have remained challenging.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov dismissed the significance of the proposed Western arms injection, stating that it would not impact the evolving situation at the frontlines. Peskov noted the prevailing view among experts that the current scenario heavily favors Russian forces, suggesting that additional aid to Ukraine would be insufficient to alter the course of the conflict.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has repeatedly highlighted the detrimental effects of the prolonged delay in military funding, attributing it to the loss of lives and territory. Kyiv is heavily reliant on Western assistance to counter the Russian offensive.

US Military Aid for Ukraine

Washington has emerged as Kyiv’s primary military supporter throughout the conflict, but the delayed allocation of fresh funds has exacerbated Ukraine’s challenges on the ground. Ukrainian leaders have intensified their calls for support.

While Russian troops have made modest territorial gains in recent weeks, Moscow aims to capitalize on its momentum to achieve significant breakthroughs against Kyiv’s defensive positions.

Meanwhile, amid ongoing deliberations over the aid package in the US Congress, both Russia and Ukraine have escalated aerial attacks in recent weeks, targeting military and energy infrastructure deep within enemy territories.

In response to the heightened tensions, Ukraine issued appeals for energy conservation, warning of potential blackouts following damage to power facilities caused by Russian strikes. The country’s energy ministry urged businesses and households to reduce electricity usage during peak hours to alleviate strain on the power grid.

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