Russian and Tajik Presidents to Discuss Afghanistan and Migration Concerns in Summit

Tue Nov 21 2023
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MOSCOW: Russian President Vladimir Putin and Tajik President Emomali Rahmon are set to discuss pressing regional issues during an upcoming summit at the Kremlin, with a particular focus on the evolving situation in Afghanistan. Materials distributed ahead of the Russian-Tajik summit indicate that the leaders will pay “special attention” to key regional problems, including the complexities surrounding Afghanistan.

“The positions of Tajikistan and Russia on the situation in Afghanistan are close, including on crucial aspects such as the formation of an ethno-politically balanced government, stepping up the fight against terrorism and drug trafficking, and ensuring basic human rights norms for all nationalities, including ethnic Tajiks,” the distributed documents stated.

Upcoming Summit of Russian and Tajik Presidents

The ongoing situation in Afghanistan, following the withdrawal of international forces and the Taliban’s takeover, remains a cause for regional concern. Both Russia and Tajikistan share an interest in addressing issues such as the establishment of a stable government, counterterrorism efforts, and combating the illicit drug trade.

Aside from Afghanistan, migration will also be a key topic on the summit’s agenda. The materials disclosed that in Russia, there are approximately 1.2 million migrant workers from Tajikistan, benefitting from significant preferences. Tajik citizens are granted extended stays of up to 15 days in Russia without requiring registration with the authorities. Additionally, they have the opportunity to obtain work permits valid for up to three years.

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