Russian Strikes Kill Eight in Ukraine

Tue Jan 23 2024
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KYIV: A fresh Russian strikes killed eight people and wounded dozens in Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities on Tuesday.

After the strikes a new panic spread among the residents. Authorities said seven people were killed in the city of Kharkiv in the overnight strikes that also injured more than 50 people.

The toll rose after emergency services said they pulled out the body of a dead woman from the rubble of a demolished building.

Interior Minister Igor Klymenko praised the rescuers for pulling out 27 survivors from rubble.

Army chief of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny said Russian forces fired 41 missiles while his forces had downed 21 of them.

Mayor Vitali Klitschko said 20 people were injured in the attack on Kyiv that set buildings and cars on fire in central districts.

UN condemns the attack

The UN denounced the attack that brought more killing, critical injuries, trauma, loss of property and destruction.

Officials around Kyiv, said four people were injured after residential blocks, private homes and farm buildings were damaged.

The Dnipropetrovsk governor said that said one person had been killed and another injured in the city of Pavlograd.

While, the governor of the southern region of Kherson, which Russian claims its part said a 70-year-old man had been killed by Russian forces.

President Volodymyr Zelensky has termed the attack as an example of deliberate terror.

The US ambassador to Ukraine, Bridget Brink said the attacks showed that Washington should increase its support to Kyiv.

Meanwhile, France’s foreign ministry condemned the fresh Russian attacks. In a statement it said that Russia is deliberately targeting Ukrainian civilian infrastructure once again. It added that Russia is guilty of war crimes and bears responsibility for the escalation.


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