Russia’s War in Ukraine Exacts Terrible Human Cost: UN

Thu Feb 22 2024
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GENEVA: Russia’s war in Ukraine has exacted a terrible human cost and inflicted suffering on millions, the United Nations (UN) rights chief said Thursday, ahead of the second anniversary of the aggression.

The damage caused by the war would be felt for generations, said UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Türk, renewing his demand for Russia to stop the war immediately.

Türk said that the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Moscow has exacted a horrific human cost, inflicting immense suffering on millions of civilians, according to AFP.

Moscow’s full-scale armed attack on Ukraine, which is about to enter its 3rd year with no end in sight, continues to cause widespread and serious human rights violations, destroying lives and livelihoods, Türk added.

Türk urged for thorough and independent probes into all violations in the war and said victims should be afforded accountability and reparations.

He said millions of Ukraine’s citizens had been displaced, thousands had lost their homes, and hundreds of schools and hospitals had been damaged or destroyed.

He further said that the long-term impact of this conflict in Ukraine will be felt for generations.

Türk’s office said that over the past 2 years it had documented widespread torture, ill-treatment, and arbitrary detention of civilians by the armed forces of Russia.

It added that summary executions, repression of the right to freedom of expression and assembly, and enforced disappearances have also been documented in occupied territory.

Violations committed by Ukrainian troops

The UN Human Rights Office said it had also documented violations committed by Ukrainian troops and security forces, albeit a fraction of the scope of those perpetrated by Moscow’s troops.


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