Saba Qamar Accepts her Crush on Co-star Ahsan Khan

Sat Nov 18 2023
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KARACHI: Talented Pakistani actress Saba Qamar recently revealed that she would have proposed to her co-star actor Ahsan Khan had he not been married.

During a candid podcast with Ahsan Khan, the actress said she had a deep admiration for him even before joining the showbiz industry.

Ahsan Khan in the interviewe asked Saba Qamar to pick a hero she would prefer to propose if he wasn’t married.

Replying to which she admitted that even before start of acting, she had great admiration for him. Saba regretted for keeping her feelings to herself for so long.

She said that she got Ahsan Khan’s phone number and had called and texted him to tell him that she was interested to work with him.

The actress also disclosed that she used to cry when Ahsan Khan argued with her during work. She said that with the passage of time she started to understand Ahsan’s personality and felt something for him.

Saba Qamar further said that she even had traveled to interior Sindh to shoot a film for Ahsan Khan.

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