Saudi Arabia Unveils Firefighting Robot

Wed Sep 13 2023
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RIYADH: Saudi Arabia Ministry for Interior has displayed a firefighting robot at The Cityscape Global Exhibition in Riyadh, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported on Tuesday.

The highly advance robot is part of the ministry’s technical solutions to save lives and property.

Visitors to the ministry’s pavilion at the exhibition were informed about robot equipped with three water openings points and foam exits.

Thermal cameras installed in robot to give clear images

Thermal cameras have been installed in the robot to give clear images, and the mobility mechanism of the robot in firefighting operations difficult for human firefighters.

The design of the robot would enhance safety levels for firemen, especially in inaccessible areas, high-severity fires and dangerous tasks.

The Ministry of Interior is taking part in the Cityscape Global Exhibition, the largest global exhibition in the Kingdom. Saudi Vision 2030 projects will be displayed in the exhibition with the participation of more than 170 countries.



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