Saudi Food and Drug Authority, OIC Join Hands for Training on Food Regulation

Wed Dec 20 2023
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JEDDAH: The Saudi Food and Drug Authority, in partnership with the OIC General Secretariat, successfully organized the inaugural Virtual Training Workshop centered on food regulation.

This significant event, arranged under the theme of “Food Risk Assessment and Foodborne Disease Outbreaks,” brought together food regulation experts from across sixteen OIC member countries and different OIC institutions, totaling eighty participants.

Participating member countries included Bangladesh, Niger, Qatar, Bahrain, Maldives, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Oman, Sierra Leone, Togo, Morocco, Nigeria, Turkiye, and Libya. The workshop focused on addressing critical concerns associated with food safety and risk assessment.

The sessions, led by SFDA senior experts, spanned three comprehensive segments, discussing the vital aspects of foodborne disease outbreak identification, mitigation strategies, and the adept management of food risks throughout the expansive food supply chain.

The workshop served as a pivotal platform for detailed discussions, knowledge sharing, and the exploration of innovative solutions in the area of food safety.

Second Workshop on Food Regulation

Marking the inception of an important series of workshops, the success of this inaugural event has paved the way for the second such gathering, scheduled on January 2, 2024.

With its commitment to fostering collaborative learning and fortifying international efforts in food regulation, the OIC General Secretariat and SFDA remain dedicated to spearheading initiatives that safeguard public health and ensure the highest standards of food safety across OIC nations.

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