Saudi’s Govt Launches Digital Bags Program for Umrah Pilgrims

Thu Apr 04 2024
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MAKKAH: The Presidency for Religious Affairs at the Grand Mosque and the Holy Prophet’s Mosque has initiated the “Digital Bags” program, offering booklets authored by renowned scholars and Islamic preachers to Umrah pilgrims.

This program aimed to enhance moderation and religious awareness among the increasing number of Umrah performers visiting the Islamic holy sites.

Umrah visitors can join the Digital Bags program by scanning the barcode of their preferred booklet, granting access to its entire contents and facilitating sharing with others.

During Ramadan, the presidency has organized various religious activities and initiatives, including donation drives. As the holy month nears its end, additional activities are planned, coinciding with the arrival of millions of Umrah performers and visitors to the two holy mosques.

Investing in technology, digitization, modern media, AI, governance, and digital institutional work, the presidency is committed to enhancing access to religious services and spreading the moderate message of Islam worldwide, aligning with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

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