Security Forces Neutralize Terrorists in Awaran District Operation

Sun Dec 31 2023
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AWARAN: In a resolute move to safeguard national security, security forces executed a meticulously planned intelligence-based operation in the general area of Mashkai, Awaran District.

The operation was initiated based on credible intelligence indicating the presence of terrorists in the region.

The operation unfolded with an intense exchange of fire between the security forces and the entrenched terrorists. As a result of the firefight, ‘Five Terrorists’ were decisively neutralized, delivering a significant blow to the nefarious elements threatening the peace and stability of Balochistan.

The security forces successfully dismantled the terrorists’ hideout during the operation, uncovering a substantial cache of arms, ammunition, and explosives.

This proactive measure not only eliminated immediate threats but also disrupted the capabilities of the terrorists, thwarting potential acts of violence and sabotage.

A comprehensive sanitization operation is currently underway in the area, ensuring that any residual threats are promptly addressed. The Security Forces of Pakistan, in unwavering unity with the nation, remain steadfast in their commitment to counteract any attempts aimed at destabilizing the peace, stability, and progress of Balochistan.

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