‘Sensitive Weapons’ Stolen from US Bases in Iraq, Syria, says Report

Mon Nov 27 2023
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WASHINGTON: Recent military investigations have uncovered alarming security breaches at US bases in Iraq and Syria, where multiple sensitive weapons and equipment have gone missing.

The Intercept reported on exclusive documents revealing that the US military presence in these regions has struggled to secure both personnel and equipment. This situation has unfolded against a backdrop of increased missile and drone attacks on US bases in Iraq and Syria by resistance factions.

The US military bases, originally established for counter-ISIS missions, also serve as a deterrent against Iran. Earlier this year, it was disclosed that hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of US artillery equipment, unspecified weapons systems, and specialized ammunition had been stolen.

The recently revealed documents, obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, underscore the ongoing challenges faced by US military outposts in the region and other parts of the world, making them attractive targets. The situation raises questions about the broader implications of maintaining an expansive US military footprint globally.

Stephanie Savell, co-director of Brown University’s Costs of War Project, emphasized the need to critically assess the ripple effects of such a widespread US military presence. She stated, “The so-called war on terror isn’t over — it’s just morphed. And we can understand these weapons thefts as just one of the many political costs of that ongoing campaign.”

This development comes amid a series of attacks on US forces in Iraq and Syria, with 66 reported incidents since October 17. Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh noted that these attacks resulted in approximately 62 injuries to US personnel, highlighting the growing security challenges faced by American forces in the region.



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