Shakira Opens Up About Work-Life Balance After Split with Gerard Pique

Thu Mar 21 2024
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LOS ANGELES: Global superstar Shakira has shared insights into her journey towards finding work-life balance following her split from ex-partner Gerard Pique. In an interview, the renowned singer opened up about the challenges she faced while trying to balance her career and family life during their relationship.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, Shakira revealed the complexities of her dynamic with Pique, admitting to experiencing a “love-hate” relationship with her work. She expressed feelings of guilt and conflict whenever she had to prioritize her professional commitments over spending time with her two children, whom she shares with the former Barcelona footballer.

“There were times when I really didn’t enjoy it. You know, I felt guilt. I felt torn,” Shakira shared, reflecting on the struggles she encountered while juggling her roles as a mother and an artist.

Despite the challenges, Shakira noted a significant shift in her mindset since the split, emphasizing a newfound sense of liberation and creative drive. With the responsibility of being a single mother, she acknowledged the added pressure but also highlighted the freedom she felt to pursue her passion for music without the perceived weight of her previous relationship.

“In a way, it’s kind of good not to have a husband because that…I don’t know why it was dragging me down, man,” Shakira expressed, indicating a sense of relief in her newfound independence.

The Grammy-winning artist is gearing up for the release of her highly anticipated 12th studio album, titled “Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran” (Women Don’t Cry Anymore), marking her return to the music scene after a seven-year hiatus. Shakira’s forthcoming album promises to showcase her evolution as an artist and her renewed enthusiasm for creating music.

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