Shakira Vows to be ‘Happy’ While Dedicating Herself to Sons

Sat Nov 18 2023
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LOSS ANGELES: Shakira, amidst her split from Gerard Pique after 12 years together, pledged to embrace joy and dedicate herself to her sons, Milan and Sasha.

At the 2023 Latin Grammy Awards in Seville, Spain, she illuminated the event’s red carpet alongside her children. Not only did she captivate with her stunning presence, but she also seized the “Song of the Year” honour for her track BZRP Music Sessions, Vol. 53.

Upon accepting the esteemed award, Shakira beamed with happiness and made a heartfelt commitment to her boys, promising to be a mother who laughs wholeheartedly, as they rightfully deserve.

In her acceptance speech, she shared a poignant sentiment, I’ve assured them they’ll have a mother who finds joy in life’s moments because that’s what they deserve.

Shakira also reflected on the future’s significance, stating that there’s nothing in the past; it’s all about what lies ahead. Additionally, she expressed gratitude to her Spanish fans, acknowledging their unwavering support through her highs and lows.

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