SiTime Introduces Chip Aimed at Saving Power in AI Data Centers

Wed Apr 17 2024
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SAN FRANCISCO: SiTime (SITM.O) on Wednesday introduced a chip specifically developed to enhance the efficiency of data centers tailored for artificial intelligence (AI) applications.

SiTime specializes in timing chips, which play a crucial role in maintaining a consistent rhythm for all components of a computer, ensuring their synchronized operation, akin to an orchestra conductor directing various sections of instruments. The company claims that its latest line of chips, dubbed Chorus, boasts 10 times greater precision compared to older models of timing chips.

CEO Rajesh Vashist highlighted the company’s objective of assisting customers in conserving electricity through this enhanced precision. While SiTime’s chips consume less than a watt of power themselves, high-performance AI chips like Nvidia’s (NVDA.O) require over 1,000 watts of power.

By employing a more accurate clock to synchronize all computer elements, segments of the machine can be deactivated for brief intervals when not in use. Over the lifespan of a power-intensive data center server, this can lead to energy savings, although the actual amount saved will hinge on how SiTime’s chips are utilized.

“We provide reliable timing solutions so that they can awaken their products and efficiently deliver data to them, rather than simply operating continuously,” Vashist remarked in an interview.

SiTime announced that the chips will be commercially available in the latter half of this year.

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