Sneezing Woes: Five Tips to Halt the Onslaught

Mon Nov 13 2023
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ISLAMABAD: Sneezing, a natural bodily function, can sometimes become a source of discomfort, especially in social situations. The urge to halt a sneeze without readily available tissues or handkerchiefs can be a challenge.

Here are five tips to put an end to sneezing, sourced from WikiHow:

Tips to Stop Sneezing

Nose Squeeze Technique: Catch the tip of your nose and gently squeeze it, giving the impression of pulling your nose slightly. While not painful, this method can be effective in halting a sneeze.

Blow Your Nose: If the sneeze is imminent, using a tissue to blow your nose can help clear the sinuses and potentially prevent the sneeze. This simple act may provide relief by addressing the underlying cause.

Upper Lip Pinch: Pinch your upper lip and press it tightly toward your nostrils. This action can be another way to interrupt the sneezing reflex and alleviate the sensation.

Tongue Press: Press your tongue behind your two front teeth and apply firm pressure until the tickling sensation that precedes a sneeze subsides. This method aims to disrupt the reflex triggering the sneeze.

Nose Pinch: Start by pinching your nose with your forefinger. This classic technique can help stem the sneezing sensation by applying pressure to the nasal passages.

While these methods may offer temporary relief, it’s important to note that sneezing is a natural and essential bodily function. In situations where suppressing a sneeze is challenging, finding a discreet way to manage it without causing discomfort or drawing attention is advisable.

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