Weather Update: Snowfall Brings Cheer to Murree Weather as Punjab Grapples with Smog

Fri Nov 10 2023
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MURREE, Pakistan: The first winter snowfall has brought a pleasant change in Murree weather.

While many cities in Pakistan’s Punjab province are struggling to cope with smog, Murree, a hill station popularly known as “Malika-e-Kohsar”, received the first snowfall of the winter season, bringing joy and relief to the locals and also visitors heading towards the area taking advantage of four holidays announced by Punjab government.

Simultaneously, heavy rain in other parts of the country was also reported with roads and streets submerged. Rawalpindi and Islamabad too, experienced a drop in temperature due to a combination of heavy rain and hailstorm, adding to the wintry chill to the weather.

The district administration and Rescue 1122 Abbottabad have issued an alert, urging travelers to exercise vigilance. The officials stressed the importance of using fog lights during travel and ensuring vehicles are equipped with ample warm clothing.

Drivers have been advised to keep indicators and hazard lights on when navigating severe weather conditions.

Meanwhile, Rain-wind/thunderstorm with snow over mountains in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit-Baltistan, Kashmir, Islamabad, and upper/central Punjab is likely during the next 12 hours.

Fog and smog is likely to prevail in few plain areas of Punjab during morning hours while dry weather is expected elsewhere in the country.

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