South Africa Floods Kill Six, 10 Missing

Tue Dec 26 2023
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JOHANNESBURG, South Africa: Rescue teams resumed the search for bodies Tuesday after flash floods hit a South African town killing six people while 10 were still missing, said the officials.

Torrential rain hit Ladysmith late Sunday night sweeping cars off a main road and trapping people inside homes, according to KwaZulu Natal provincial authorities.

The scope of the disaster only became ostensible late on Monday, a spokesperson said. He said they had six people confirmed dead and still 10 people missing.

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Three bodies were found in a minibus carrying nine passengers while the other six are still missing, the spokesperson added.

One body was found in a house that was completely destroyed while two other who were also inside are still unaccounted for.

At least two more people were killed after becoming trapped in their cars by the floods that swept off the Bellspruit river. More severe storms were expected across the province today (Tuesday).

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