South Korea Pledges Additional Flood Assistance for Pakistan

Sun Oct 09 2022
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ISLAMABAD: South Korea on Sunday pledged additional support in flood relief efforts for Pakistan, bringing the total package to 2 million dollars.
The additional support came in response to the revised funding appeal launched by the United Nations and Pakistan in Geneva on 4th October with all UN member states and humanitarian organizations.
South Korea in the initial flood appeal of August had already pledged three hundred thousand dollars, bringing the total support by Korean Government to 2 million dollars.
On top of the Korean Government’s assistance, the Korean Private Sector Companies operating in Pakistan have also contributed upwards of half million dollars so far. Also on 5th October, a ceremony was held at the Korean Embassy in Islamabad where private sector companies and the Embassy donated 8.9 million rupees directly to the Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund.
Bringing the cumulative contributions from the Korean Government and the Private Sector Companies to 2.5 million dollars with more donations expected to ensue soon.

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