Spotify Celebrates RADAR Pakistan’s One Year Completion

Fri Nov 10 2023
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KARACHI: Spotify is celebrating the one-year anniversary of its innovative RADAR Pakistan initiative, aimed at supporting emerging artists.

The program provides creators with a global platform, offering opportunities for social content, marketing, and editorial features to help boost their careers and connect with new and existing fans.

Over the past year, Spotify’s RADAR program in Pakistan has significantly elevated these talented artists, contributing to remarkable growth in both listenership and exposure.

Hasan Raheem, Taha G, Maanu, and Hassan & Roshaan were unveiled as the featured artists for each quarter during RADAR’s first year in Pakistan. To commemorate this milestone, listeners can explore all their music at the ‘RADAR Pakistan 1 Year Anniversary’ destination on Spotify.

This quarter, RADAR is unveiling a fresh look across its global playlists, billboards, platform marketing, and social content. The program is adopting a distinctive paper cutout visual identity and emphasizing rich storytelling, with a prominent focus on the RADAR playlists.

Through videos that showcase tomorrow’s stars, their inspirations, and what drives them, listeners can immerse themselves in the world of these emerging creators.

Over the past year, the RADAR Pakistan playlist has achieved a remarkable increase in streams, capturing the attention of listeners from 74 different countries. The majority of these streams, a substantial 91%, originate from Pakistan, highlighting the passionate support for local music. India, USA, Canada, and the UK complete the top five countries contributing to the playlist’s global listenership.

The RADAR Pakistan playlist has witnessed a substantial increase in followers, growing by an average of 33% each month, underscoring its rapid expansion and significant influence in promoting local artists on a global scale. Notably, 43% of RADAR Pakistan listeners belong to the 18-24 age group, reflecting the program’s profound appeal to a vibrant and youthful audience.

Spotify Pakistan launched the first-ever RADAR Festival globally, marking a monumental event. Since the launch of RADAR Pakistan, the program has showcased Pakistani artists on iconic OOH locations worldwide, introduced emerging talents to a global audience, and now hosted the first RADAR Festival on home ground. Khan FM, Artists and Label Partnership Manager for Pakistan, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh, expressed pride in the program’s engagement with artists and the broader creator community.

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