Spotify Features Pakistani Artist Talal Qureshi at Barcelona Stadium

Thu Oct 05 2023
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ISLAMABAD: Spotify, the popular music streaming platform, made history by featuring renowned music producer and artist Talal Qureshi as the first Pakistani artist on stadium LED boards during FCB’s thrilling match against Sevilla at the Estadio Olímpic Lluís Companys. This milestone is part of Spotify’s global efforts to promote Talal Qureshi’s latest album, TURBO, both on and off the platform.

Spotify’s support for Talal Qureshi highlights its commitment to showcasing local talent and expanding the reach of Pakistani music on a global scale. This collaboration propels Talal’s music to new heights, promising an exciting journey for listeners worldwide.

Talal Qureshi is celebrated for seamlessly blending traditional Pakistani music with contemporary electronic sounds, and he becomes the first-ever Pakistani artist to have his album launch promoted on-ground by Spotify, introducing his electrifying beats to a global audience.

Khan FM, Spotify’s Artists and Label Partnership Manager for Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, expressed the platform’s dedication to uplifting artists and sharing their unique cultural contributions with the world. He said that he is extremely proud that they are launching Talal’s TURBO.

TURBO is an album that expertly merges Eastern and Western sounds, transcending musical boundaries and cultural divides. It features collaborations with artists like Zaw Ali, Zahoor, Blal Bloch, Yashraj, Natasha Noorani, Maanu, Mitika, and Yashraj.

An elated Talal Qureshi expressed his gratitude, stating, “I’m blessed to have this support. Spotify make him able to share TURBO with the world.

This collaboration between Spotify and Talal Qureshi signifies a significant moment for Pakistani music, as it gains international recognition and reaches a broader audience.

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