Students Hold Protest in Belgrade Over Polls Results

Sat Dec 30 2023
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BELGRADE: Hundreds of Serbian protest demonstrators, mostly students, assembled Friday in central Belgrade and jammed a key intersection in the capital city to protest against alleged electoral fraud in the country.

The development took place as President Aleksandar Vucic’s party claimed it secured a commanding win in the elections. However, opposition parties have contested the results of elections in the country.

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The main opposition coalition Serbia Against Violence said that ethnic-Serbian voters from neighbouring Bosnia had been permitted to cast votes illegally in the capital city.

Students Hold Protest in Belgrade Over Polls Results

Global observers also reported several irregularities while some Western countries voiced concern over the electoral process in Serbia.

The students, organized within the Borba (“Fight”) movement, are demanding for the polls results to be annulled. The students demanded that the new elections to be held in the country.

On Saturday, the students were joined by hundred protesters who had assembled earlier in front of the state electoral commission, western media reported. Since the polls in the country, protesters have created irregular roadblocks in Belgrade.

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The protest demonstrators culminated when demonstrators tried to attack Belgrade city hall, with police forces pushing them back with pepper spray.

Protestors, more than 30 of whom were arrested, used flagpoles, eggs and rocks to break the windows of the capital’s administrative compound and attempted to break in.

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