Suspected Jihadist Attack Kills Several Malian Soldiers

Thu Feb 29 2024
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BAMAKO, Mali: A suspected jihadist attack on a military post in the remote area of Mali resulted in the killing of several Malian soldiers on Wednesday.

An elected representative of the nearby town of Mourdiah, 300 kilometers away from the capital Bamako told Western media that more than 100 jihadists attacked an army post at Kwala.

On the condition of anonymity, he said several soldiers were killed in the attack while the jihadists left the place without any problem.

A local political official also confirmed the same incident to the media, adding that the army camp was first targeted with a car bomb.

Another elected official said there had been a lot of gunfire and the military troops returned to the base after the jihadists left the scene.

The army in a statement, reported the attack but did not mention casualties in its ranks and claimed to have destroyed a large number of terrorists.

Mali’s military government expelled a French anti-jihadist force in 2022 amid worsening ties following military coups in 2020 and 2021. Mali has since turned towards Russia, both politically and militarily.


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