Telecom Companies in Pakistan Demand Free 5G Spectrum for Five Years

Sun Apr 02 2023
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ISLAMABAD: Telecommunication companies in Pakistan have demanded that the government provide them with free 5G spectrum for a period of five years. Officials from the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) have stated that international rules will be reviewed for the launch of 5G in the country, and partners will also be consulted.

According to documents, the telecom companies have requested to use the technology for free initially to assess its implementation and impact. The companies have also demanded tax exemption on the import of 5G handsets and devices.

They further asked the government to auction the spectrum only after the effects of 5G usage had come to light.

Moreover, the companies have also demanded a ban on the local-level manufacturing and import of 2G and 3G devices. The PTA claims that the government will issue a policy directive on the 5G launch.

It added that the government would review global rules for the launch of 5G and consult partners. In this regard, the government will also appoint a regular consultant.

5G technology to revolutionize telecom industry

5G technology is expected to revolutionize the telecommunications industry in Pakistan and bring a new era of high-speed internet connectivity, which will have significant implications for the country’s economic development.

The demand by the telecom companies for a free 5G spectrum for five years is likely to be evaluated by the government, which will take into account the potential benefits and costs of such a move.

The implementation of 5G in Pakistan will require significant investment in infrastructure and technology.

However, the potential benefits of the technology, including increased connectivity, enhanced speed, and lower latency, make it an attractive prospect for the country’s telecommunications industry.

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