Tens of Thousands March in London Calling for Gaza Truce

Sun Dec 10 2023
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LONDON: Tens of thousands of people joined a pro-Palestinian rally on Saturday in London to demand a permanent truce in the Gaza Strip, organizers stated.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign stated that protestors were voicing opposition “to the indiscriminate assaults on civilian population which have claimed the lives of more than 17,700 Palestinians, including over 7,000 children.”

According to Arab News, people from across the United Kingdom assembled in central London for the ninth Saturday in a row following Israel launched its attack on the Gaza Strip.

In a statement via social media, PSC said that this has been one of the sustained and largest political drives in British history.

Speakers at Saturday’s march included Members of Parliament, leaders of trade union, and members from a wide range of civil society groups.

Ben Jamal, PSC office bearer, said that they are witnessing relentless horror in the Gaza Strip. Ben Jamal maintained that the people of Palestine have been bombed, displaced, and deprived of water, food, fuel, power and health facilities for 62 days.

He stated that a permanent truce must be the starting point to address the primary reasons of the situation, including “decades of Israeli military occupation, and a system of oppression against the Palestinians that is considered globally to meet the lawful definition of apartheid.”

He called on the UK government to end its “complicity in Israeli crimes,” and work to end the killing of civilian population. Ben Jamal denounced UK political leadership who have failed to call for a permanent ceasefire. He further said that they would continue to march, protest, and organize to demand an urgent and permanent truce, and justice for Palestinians.

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Meanwhile, Gaza’s Health Ministry said on Saturday that at least 17,700 Palestinians have been killed and more than 48,780 injured in Israeli brutal attacks in the Gaza Strip since October 7.

Ashraf Al-Qidra, spokesperson for Gaza Health Ministry, said that in recent hours 2 paramedics were injured when Israeli troops targeted an ambulance while it was working to evacuate injured patients from European hospital in Gaza. He condemned Israel’s war against health centers and hospitals, medical teams and ambulances.

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