The Lesser-known Health Benefits of Soaking Walnuts

Sat Oct 28 2023
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ISLAMABAD: This brain-shaped nut should be soaked before consuming as it’s easier for the body to digest than eating it raw.

In a surprising twist, the often-overlooked practice of soaking walnuts before consumption has been found to unlock many health benefits that might be a pleasant surprise.

Here are some advantages of eating soaked Walnuts;

Easier digestion

These brain-shaped nuts, when soaked, become significantly easier for the body to digest compared to their raw counterparts. The reduction of phytic acid content during soaking not only aids digestion but also leads to increased nutrient absorption. This is especially beneficial for individuals with sensitive digestive systems, as raw walnuts can sometimes pose challenges for those with weaker guts.

Cholesterol management

Soaking walnuts has been linked to reduced harmful cholesterol levels within the body, making them a heart-healthy choice. Additionally, they are gentler on the digestive system than regular walnuts, ensuring that your body can absorb their nutrients more effectively.

Cognitive enhancement

Walnuts are renowned for their memory and mental performance-boosting properties. Packed with a wealth of nutrients, including fiber, vitamins, carbohydrates, protein, and iron, they are a valuable addition to your daily diet.

How to consume soaked walnuts

To reap the full benefits, one of the best ways to consume walnuts is by soaking them overnight and enjoying them in the morning. Simply place 2-4 walnut pieces in a cup of water overnight and savor them as the first morsel of your day.

In summary, soaked walnuts are a nutritional powerhouse with various health advantages. Whether you seek improved digestion, cholesterol control, or cognitive well-being, incorporating soaked walnuts into your dietary routine is an innovative and health-conscious choice.

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