The Silent Twins: Film Tells of Sisters Who Only Spoke to Each Other

Sun Dec 11 2022
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ISLAMABAD: June and Jennifer Gibbons who spoke to no one but each other for years were born in April 1963, grew up in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire and now the story of identical twins has been brought to life by a new film.

‘The Silent Twins’ is in the United Kingdom cinemas from 9 December, according to the reports. The twins were taken to Broadmoor Hospital, a high-security mental health hospital, as they reached 19, before Jennifer died at the age of 30. Marjorie Wallace, the film’s executive producer, described the twins as brilliant writers having a great sense of humour.

Film depicts life of twin sisters

For years, they spoke only each other and, as teenagers, committed crimes including petty theft, arson and vandalism resulting in them being institutionalised indefinitely. Eleven years of their life was in Broadmoor. An investigative journalist and founder of SANEMs, a mental health charity, Wallace had spent a lot of time with the twin sisters over the years and is still in touch with June. In 1993, the sisters were to be transferred to another location, but Jennifer died in transit. Though the cause of her death was never officially known, Ms Wallace said she and June were of the view that Jennifer sacrificed herself so that June could be truly liberated.

Ms Wallace is the executive producer of ‘The Silent Twins’, the film based on her book, originally published in 1986. For so many years, Wallace would spend weekends visiting the twins at Broadmoor. She worked with them to tell their tale. She said she came to know the real story of their life through reading their diaries. She came to know the story of their pact and what was, finally, the tragedy of their lives, according to Wallace.

She said June Gibbons remains a “wonderful friend” to this day and added their story was a “terrible” one. However, she believes both girls knew they could not both live.

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