Thousands of Homes in Hue City Underwater After Floods Hit Vietnam

Wed Nov 15 2023
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HUE, Vietnam: The historic city of Hue in Vietnam, designated as a world heritage site and a popular tourist destination, is grappling with extensive flooding following heavy rains that have submerged thousands of homes and disrupted transportation.

Images from state media depict residents navigating waterlogged streets in boats, while homes and vehicles remain partially submerged. A resident, Vu An, described the city as flooded everywhere, with water levels rising rapidly since Tuesday night, leading to power outages.

The downpour has affected multiple provinces along the coast since Monday, prompting over 2,000 evacuations in central Quang Tri province. Authorities reported three individuals missing in the province. Landslides triggered by the flooding have also blocked sections of the national highway connecting northern and southern Vietnam.

Vietnam frequently experiences severe weather during the rainy season from June to November. Forecasters anticipate elevated water levels for the next two days, gradually improving over the weekend.

Official figures reveal that natural disasters, including floods and landslides, have resulted in 136 deaths and missing individuals in Vietnam this year. Scientists attribute the intensification of extreme weather events globally to climate change, emphasizing the urgency of addressing climate-related challenges.

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