Two Azerbaijani Diplomats Declared ‘persona non grata’ in France

Thu Dec 28 2023
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PARIS:  France has declared two Azerbaijani diplomats “persona non grata”, Turkish media reported on Wednesday.

The media reports citing a statement by the French Foreign Ministry said that its decision to expel the diplomats from the Azerbaijani Embassy was a reciprocity measure.  France also summoned Azerbaijan’s ambassador in Paris on the same day.

The statement said that it took the decision after Azerbaijan declared two members of the French diplomatic staff in Baku “persona non grata.”

France strongly refutes the accusations of Azerbaijan asking it to justify its decision.

Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry on Tuesday declared two French diplomats ‘persona non grata’, saying their actions were incompatible with their diplomatic status.

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In a statement, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry further said that it summoned French Ambassador Anne Boillon to protest the behavior of the French mission employees.

Boillon was told that the expelled diplomats have to leave Azerbaijan within 48 hours.

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