Two More Israeli Soldiers killed in Gaza

Sun Dec 31 2023
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GAZA: Israeli army has admitted that two more Israeli soldiers have been killed in war in the Gaza Strip. According to Israeli military two officers were killed in Gaza fighting. The army confirmed that Major Constantine Sushko has been killed in southern Gaza while Captain Harel Ittah was also killed in the strip during a war with Hamas.

According to Arab media, around 170 Israeli soldiers have been killed since Israel started its major ground attacks in the Gaza Strip at the end of October. Around 11 of those soldiers were killed in northern Israel.

On the other hand, the armed wing of the Palestinian Liberation Front stated that an Israeli soldier being held captive in the Gaza Strip has been killed in an Israeli air strike that also injured some of his captors, Arab media reported on Saturday.

In an audio message broadcast by a local television, a spokesperson for the group said Israeli strike took place after a failed attempt by Israeli forces to free the soldier. However, the spokesperson for the group provides no details of when the soldier had been taken hostage, or where he was being held in the Gaza Strip.

War on Gaza

Meanwhile, the health ministry in Gaza said that more than 21,672 Palestinian people have been killed in ongoing Israeli air and ground offensive since October 7 in the besieged Gaza Strip. In the past 24 hours alone, 165 Gazans were killed, with a total of 56,165 others injured in the Israeli aggression in the region.

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The devastating toll of the Israeli attacks has drawn attention globally, with the American Wall Street Journal stating that the destruction in Gaza is comparable in scale to the most devastating warfare in modern history. The report highlighted that, by mid-December, Israel had dropped 29,000 bombs, munitions, and shells on the besieged enclave, resulting in the destruction or damage of nearly 70% of Gaza’s homes.

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