UAE Ranks First Globally in 5G Speed, Network Coverage

Thu Feb 22 2024
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DUBAI: In a testament to its commitment to digital advancement, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) continues to soar to new heights in technological prowess. According to recent announcements from the UAE Digital Economy Council, the nation’s adoption rate of the sixth version of the Internet Protocol (IPv6) surged to an impressive 50.7% in January 2024, marking a significant milestone in its digital transformation journey.

Notably, the UAE maintains its position as a global frontrunner in digital infrastructure, with mobile network coverage standing strong at a remarkable 100%. This unparalleled connectivity underscores the nation’s dedication to ensuring seamless communication and access to digital services for all its residents.

Building on its achievements, the UAE has cemented its status as a digital powerhouse in the Middle East and beyond. The council revealed that the UAE ranks first in the region for Internet exchange traffic and boasts the fastest fifth-generation (5G) network speeds globally, a feat achieved in 2023. The nation’s rapid progress in the 5G arena was further validated by Ookla Speedtest Intelligence data, which crowned the UAE as the fastest 5G market worldwide in Q2 2023. With a median download speed of 557.63 Mbps, the competition between the UAE’s two network operators has been instrumental in driving exceptional performance in the market, with etisalat by e& emerging as the fastest 5G operator globally, boasting a median download speed of 680.73 Mbps.

Moreover, the UAE continued to embrace cutting-edge technologies to propel its digital ecosystem forward. The adoption of digital signatures surged by an impressive 216% in 2023, accompanied by significant blockchain integration involving nine banks, six exchange houses, and three insurance companies. This robust utilization of digital solutions underscores the nation’s proactive approach to embracing innovation and staying ahead in the global digital landscape.

Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, and Remote Work Applications, emphasized the UAE government’s proactive stance in shaping a pioneering digital economy. Al Olama reaffirmed the government’s commitment to accelerating the adoption of digital solutions through visionary initiatives and projects aimed at bolstering the UAE’s leadership and global competitiveness across various sectors.

The latest developments were unveiled during a meeting of the UAE Council for Digital Economy, held at the Securities and Commodities Authority in Dubai. The council’s deliberations centered on strategic initiatives designed to bolster the UAE’s digital economy, spanning infrastructure development, digital transactions, e-commerce, financial technologies, investment stimulation, skills development, SME support, and comprehensive statistics gathering.


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