UK Announces AI System for Pakistan to Combat Forest Fires

Thu Nov 16 2023
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ISLAMABAD: The British Commissioner in Pakistan Jane Marriott has announced a revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) system for Pakistan to detect and track early forest fires.

In an interview with APP, the British envoy expressed the importance of spotting early forest fires to protect communities and save livelihoods.

The initiative, part of a comprehensive climate financing effort, aims to safeguard communities and livelihoods, particularly in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region and around the Margala Hills in Islamabad.

The UK will provide financial assistance to support climate initiatives in Pakistan, including the development of an innovative AI system dedicated to the early detection of forest fires, which is expected to revolutionize how communities respond to environmental threats.

The High Commissioner emphasized the ongoing collaboration between the UK and Pakistan under the Financial Accelerator program, supporting eight different climate-friendly projects initiated by innovative Pakistani enterprises.

Addressing support for flood-related challenges, she outlined two significant aspects, including immediate humanitarian assistance with millions of pounds contributed for urgent needs and a longer-term focus on healthcare and education. Marriott acknowledged the disruption of schooling for millions of children due to floods, and efforts are underway to get 85,000 of those children back in school and learning by December.

Discussing King Charles III’s involvement in COP28, she mentioned that the King will deliver one of the opening speeches at COP28, emphasizing his deep commitment to climate-related issues. The UK’s focus at COP28 will include efforts to keep the climate increase at 1.5%, building resilience with global partners, and addressing biodiversity loss.

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