UK: Eurostar Cancels 14 Trains Due to Flooded Tunnel

Sat Dec 30 2023
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LONDON: At least 14 Eurostar trains were cancelled on Saturday due to flooding in tunnels in southern England, leaving thousands of passengers just before New Year’s Eve.

The tunnels near Ebbsfleet International Station in Kent were overwhelmed as the Met Office issued weather warnings for rain, snow and ice across large parts of the country.

According to Southeastern, the train operator, flooding occurred between Ebbsfleet International and London St Pancras International, resulting in the complete blockage of all lines. Trains operating between these stations were subject to potential cancellations.

The disruption was anticipated to persist until the end of the day. Both railway tunnels near Ebbsfleet were affected by the flooding, leading to the closure of both tunnels. Consequently, no trains could operate between London St Pancras International and Ebbsfleet International, as communicated by Southeastern.

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