UK Military’s Oldest Band Plays Tunes of Pakistani Pop Sensation ‘Pasoori’ Song

Sat Nov 18 2023
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ISLAMABAD: The UK Artillery Company Regimental Band, the longest-standing regiment in the British Army, has flawlessly presented the Pakistani pop sensation “Pasoori.”

The song is an Ali Sethi and Shae Gill’s masterpiece from Coke Studio Pakistan.

Established in 1537, the UK Artillery Company Regimental Band is the oldest regiment still in existence in the British Army.

British High Commission in Islamabad tweeted and shared a video with a caption: “The superb UK @HAC_Band have mastered this Pakistani pop anthem… can you guess what it is!?”

The artillery band declared, “Our audiences will take great pleasure in the performance of ‘Pasoori,’ a song popularized by Ali Sethi and Shae Gill.”

The HAC Band treated the audience to a brief concert, culminating in a dynamic finale featuring the Corps of Drums, expertly led by their conductor, enhancing the percussion section.

Post-performance, the band engaged with an eager audience, fielding questions and sharing insights with students. The statement also touched on broader issues, emphasizing Pakistan’s call for a dignified resolution for returning Afghan refugees, echoing beyond the realm of music.

Proudly operating in Pakistan, the HAC Band extends musical support to His Majesty The King’s Birthday Parties at The British High Commission. The band’s commitment is evident as they plan to perform at various events throughout the week, utilizing the opportunity to rehearse for upcoming performances.

Penned by Ali Sethi and Fazal Abbas and composed by Ali Sethi and Xulfi Music, the Cook Studio Pasoori song’s release was accompanied by a powerful caption encouraging the transcendence of boundaries through compassion, love, and identity. This resonated, showcasing the song’s prowess on the global music stage.

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