UK Monarch Called Himself a Frustrated “Old Person”

Sun Apr 02 2023
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BERLIN: UK’s King Charles has told the German president that he is becoming a frustrated “old man” over the issue of climate change during his recent trip, western media reported on Saturday. The King made the remarks on the last day of his trip to Germany. According to British media, King Charles lauded the new generation for their motivation in fighting the challenge of climate change.

UK King Charles

Speaking on the occasion, the King stressed the need for the globe to move faster towards sustainability. According to media, the monarch was taking in the sights of Hamburg’s impressive harbour by ship with German President, where the two leaders viewed a state-of-the-art electrolyser site which helps produce energy.

The King told the German president, “ I am becoming a frustrated old person. It all seems clear to me. The new generation know, certainly,”. It said that the Mayor of Hamburg Peter Tschentsche also explained how a former coal yard was now housing the revolutionary electrolyser and assisting the city in its commitment to achieving net zero emissions by the year of 2050.

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