Ukraine and Poland Open Border Crossing to Ease Blockade

Sun Dec 03 2023
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KYIV: In a effort to address the blockade caused by Polish hauliers’ protests, Ukraine and Poland have announced the opening of the Dolhobyczow-Ugryniv border crossing specifically for empty trucks starting Monday.

The move aims to mitigate the traffic paralysis that has persisted for weeks due to protests by Polish truckers, who have been demanding the reintroduction of entry permits for their Ukrainian counterparts.

Kyiv’s border service stated that the decision to open the Dolhobyczow-Ugryniv crossing for empty trucks is the first among several measures planned to unblock the border, reduce queues, and enhance the capacity of the Ukrainian-Polish border. The ongoing protest by Polish truckers has created a troubling situation, according to Ukrainian authorities, with drivers stranded at the border facing dire conditions.

Long Queues of Vehicles at Ukraine-Poland Border Crossing

Long queues have formed on both sides of the border, leaving numerous hauliers confined to their vehicles for days amid cold temperatures and a shortage of food. Despite Warsaw’s announcement of heightened checks on Ukrainian trucks traveling towards the border, the protests have persisted.

Meanwhile, a major Slovakian truckers’ union joined the protest on Friday, arguing that the removal of permits for Ukrainian competitors puts them at a significant disadvantage.

The Dolhobyczow-Ugryniv crossing, typically serving cars and buses, will now cater exclusively to empty trucks traveling from Ukraine into Poland. The hope is that this measure will contribute to the gradual resolution of the crisis and provide relief to the affected drivers.


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